Tapbots、「Tweetbot for Twitter」(Mac)をバージョン 2.1.1にアップデート!多数のバグを修正

Tweetbot_for_Twitter_を_Mac_App_Store_で のコピー

Tapbotsが、「Tweetbot for Twitter」(Mac)をバージョン 2.1.1にアップデートしています。内容はバグの修正です。


[バージョン 2.1.1 の新機能]
– Fixed “New Tweet” and “Show/Hide” global hot keys.
– Fixed an issue where if you have no activity, the progress view spins forever.
– Fixed an issue with gestures being reversed in certain cases.
– Fixed an issue with notification quick replies where tweets didn’t contain the reply text.
– Fixed the command-shift-l shortcut and opening links opposite of what your “Open Links in Background” preference was.
– Fixed an issue with the search tab where you couldn’t start typing into the search field.
– Fixed an issue where an existing direct message column wouldn’t be created properly.
– Fixed a possible crasher when user search was in a column and the main window was closed.
– Fixed an issue where pressing spacebar at the top of your tweets would scroll down and obscure the first tweet.
– Fixed an issue where if you had enough columns, you would see an “Enter Fullscreen” menu item. Fullscreen mode is currently in development.
– Fixed a font change that affected some fonts on 10.10.x.
– Fixed some layout issues with tweets in 10.11.
– Fixed some reported crashes.

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