iOS 10 beta 2、50の特徴・変更点(ハンズオンビデオ)


9 to 5 Macが、iOS 10 beta 2、50の特徴・変更点をまとめたハンズオンビデオを公開しています。

Lock/Home screen

  • New update notification after new iOS install
  • Lock screen adds new unlocked animation
  • A new ‘Rest Finger to Unlock’ option in Accessibility settings
  • Reduce White Point percentage in Accessibility settings
  • Folders now show badges per apps when 3D Touched
  • Subtle new Siri animation
  • Keyboard click sound back to classic sound
  • Time wheels make new sound
  • New folder animations with more blurred folders
  • Auto Lock now under Display and Brightness settings
  • New wallpaper at bottom of list in Wallpaper settings

Notification Center/Widgets

  • ‘Missed’ is now labeled ‘Recent’
  • The Weather Channel credit makes a comeback
  • Access widgets from Notification Center on Home screen
  • Third-party widgets now resize properly
  • New Spotlight animation
  • Rich notifications now available for non-3D Touch devices

Control Center

  • Subtler bounce effect when invoking Control Center
  • “AirPlay Screen” is rebranded as AirPlay
  • New white Apple TV and Speaker icons in AirPlay list
  • Tweaked HomeKit icons in Control Center
  • 3D Touch on Quick Launch shortcuts yield tweaked language and icons
  • AirDrop in Control Center now displays “Receiving off”


  • HomeKit app icon looks like Home app icon in Settings
  • Apple News can now be hidden
  • Mail features a new filter icon instead of funnel
  • App Store Split View now works on the iPad
  • Feedback app added
  • Long pressing the “All Tabs” button in Safari yields “New Tab” option
  • Show parked location switch in Maps app Settings
  • New Organ Donation changes found in Health app
  • Bedtime interface changes in stock Clock app
  • New Checklist 3D Touch Shortcut for Notes app
  • New Today 3D Touch icon for Health

Watch app

  • New ‘Featured Complications’ section
  • Smart and Random Autofill sync options for Music
  • Background App Refresh toggles
  • Use Previous Duration option in Breathe app preferences

Apple Music

  • ‘Downloaded Music’ replaced with permanent ‘Downloads’
  • Shuffle from Songs
  • Connect Posts now appear below For You content
  • AirPlay/Bluetooth headphones and speakers available in Now Playing
  • Tap Artist name to reveal artist catalog
  • Playlists now show in search results
  • Dynamic text now affects the Music app


  • Delete iMessage apps
  • iMessage App Store
  • New handwriting keyboard button on iPad
  • New Low Quality Image Mode toggle in Settings
  • New Digital Touch sketch layout



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