Apple、watchOS 3 beta 2[Build:14S5278d]を開発者に公開!

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Appleが、watchOS 3 beta 2[Build:14S5278d]を開発者に公開しています。

Fixed in this release
Apple Pay
• The payment sheet may not update the list of shipping methods when those change as a result of
a delegate callback.
• When confirming an Apple Pay transaction on your Apple Watch, you may need to tap the screen
to see the confirmation UI.
• The payment sheet may appear in an invalid state where the “Double Click to Pay” animation is
missing. Double-clicking the side button will still authorize payment.
Apple Watch app
After upgrading to watchOS 3, icons may not appear in Settings for Layout and Dock.
Camera preview may fail to launch.
Installing or updating an app which has recently been launched may cause the app’s snapshot to remain
displayed while the app is fullscreen, resulting in the application not responding to any user interaction.
Sometimes sound will not play when choosing Play Sound on your Apple Watch from the Find My
iPhone App on iOS.
• When using Scribble with an unsupported system language, Messages will crash.
• With Voiceover enabled, when attempting to respond to an incoming message using Scribble,
your device may reboot unexpectedly.
• Messages may crash when attempting to use “Text Reply”.
• When an app moves from the foreground to the background returnToGlanceableUI in the
WKSnapshotRefreshBackgroundTask passed to the WatchKit app’s extension –
(void)handleBackgroundTasks:(NSSet<WKRefreshBackgroundTask *> *)backgroundTasks is always
• There is no current limitation to snapshots or background refreshes while on a charger.
• Complication may get into a state where it never updates.
• There is known performance issue when using WatchKit pan gestures with SpriteKit or SceneKit
controllers when testing on device.
On HKHealthStore, resumeWorkoutSession API is not working. So an HKWorkoutSession cannot be
resumed after is paused.
• The Watch app on the iOS Simulator may show an alert about enabling Wi-Fi or Bluetooth to
connect to the watchOS Simulator.
• The AVFoundation, CoreAudio, CoreText, and GameKit frameworks are not available in this beta for
Swift for the watchOS simulator.
• Background activity will be throttled, executing no more than once a minute and only when the
screen is locked. This especially effects the snapshot scheduled when an notification appears.
• If there is a space in the name of the Xcode application or any ancestor folder, the Simulator will
fail to launch and asset catalogs will fail to compile.


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