Apple、Apple TV用アプリの開発を支援するためのセッション「Apple TV Tech Talks」のビデオを公開!


Appleが、Apple TV用アプリの開発を支援するためのセッション「Apple TV Tech Talks」のビデオを公開しています。



Session 1: Kickoff
Session 2: Designing for Apple TV
Session 3: Focus-Driven Interfaces with UIKit
Session 4: Siri Remote and Game Controllers
Session 5: On-Demand Resources and Data Storage
Session 6: Media Playback
Session 7: Introduction to TVMLKit
Session 8: Best Practices for Designing tvOS Apps
Session 9: Tuning Your tvOS App
Session 10: The Top Shelf
Session 11: App Store Distribution and Marketing

(via MacRumors

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