Apple、tvOS 10 beta 3[Build:14T5296d]を開発者に公開!

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Appleが、tvOS 10 beta 3[Build:14T5296d]を開発者に公開しています。


Fixed in this beta

Game Controllers

For games that use the GCEventViewController, the game controller’s controllerPausedHandler will no longer be called when the Menu button is pressed, if controllerUserInteractionEnabled is true. This restores behavior established in tvOS 9.2.


• Songs played on Beats 1 can now be added to existing playlists.

• Song playback now functions when accessing songs from Go to Album.

• Go to Artist pages now load.

• Using Siri can now be used to “Like this song” or “Dislike this song”.


ReplayKit’s RPPreviewViewController in sharing mode now properly dismisses the view controller when selecting the “Done” button.


Siri Sports queries in the Norwegian, Dutch, and Swedish languages are now supported.


SKEmitterNode focus issues have been resolved.

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