Tapbots 、「Tweetbot for Mac」(Mac)をバージョン2.1にアップデート!新しいアクティビティビューを搭載


Tapbotsが 、人気Twitterクライアントの「Tweetbot for Mac」(Mac)をバージョン2.1にアップデートしました。


[バージョン 2.1 の新機能]
– New Activity View.
– Quoted tweets now show up in mentions.
– Play Twitter, Instagram, and Vine video within the app.
– Pinch to zoom images or resize the image view window.
– Support for uploading Twitter hosted videos.
– Retweets button in the status detail now shows who retweeted.
– Swipe-back gesture now works in the profile view.
– People search popover has been simplified and should return more relevant results.
– Direct message images are now displayed.
– Added “View > Scroll To Last Read” to easily return to last read tweet.
– Fixed the issue where you weren’t able to see all list members.
– Fixed the issue where you wouldn’t see “Subscribed Lists” in the timeline list picker or column button in bottom left of main window.
– Fixed the issue where you could keep clicking on media and get many loading views.
– Fixed the issues with the selected tweet not being fully visible while navigating using the up/down arrow or page up/down keys.
– If the search field is visible in a column titlebar and you press “esc” when search field not active it will now be dismissed.
– When viewing a status detail view, you can select words, control-click, and look up the word in the dictionary.
– Improved memory management.
– Many minor bug fixes.

Mac App Store → Tweetbot for Twitter(1,200円)

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