Innovative features of the Wired App include:

  • Every page in the issue is individually designed for optimal viewing on the iPad screen in both portrait or landscape orientation.
  • Navigations from the cover, which allows readers to touch cover lines to go directly to stories giving direct access to editorial content.
  • Content organized in vertical stacks rather than magazine-like spreads.
  • Design cues throughout to lead reader through the issue, augmenting the scroll bar with subtle indications of more content and additional features to explore.
  • Drop down Table of Contents (TOC) and Browse view (zoomed out view of stacks of content) make for easy navigation and sense of place within the issue.
  • Orientation-appropriate photography offers different images taking advantage of layout changes whether in portrait or landscape mode.
  • Animated 360° images show readers every side of Iron Man and let them explore the history of Mars landings.
  • Unique slide shows take readers through multiple views using touch for image progression.
  • Four editorial videos including an exclusive clip from Toy Story 3. All video is embedded into the app allowing for automatic load, display in HD and access without a connection.
  • Music to enhance story telling, including an exclusive listen inside Trent Reznor’s recording studio.

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